Storm Drainage and Sanitary Sewer

Professional, quality product above ground and under.

Black Rock is an expert specializing in new construction of storm water drainage systems as well as
sanitary sewers of varying scope and complexity. Our team is dedicated to providing high quality service to
municipal and private sector clients managing their wastewater.

Our team has the resources not only to construct and install a drainage or sewer system that perfectly
meets the client’s needs, but the staff is also extremely innovative and well-versed in rehabilitating
existing infrastructure. Black Rock is highly committed to safety, quality end product, and being
cost-effective to ensure our client’s satisfaction.

  • Refurbishing and cleaning of existing drains and inlets
  • Sanitary gravity lines and force mains
  • Reinforced concrete storm drains
  • Installation of vaults inlets and manholes
  • Installation of underground retention fields
  • Septic fields