Heavy Highway Construction Experts

Since 2010, Black Rock has established itself as the top heavy construction firm operating exclusively within New Jersey. The firm is an innovator in performing versatile and complex construction projects.Black Rock brings extensive experience and professional, high-quality workmanship to every project, which has already made it one of the top, professional construction firms in New Jersey and a go-to source for municipal townships as well as private companies for all their construction needs. Black Rock consistently creates a professional, high quality end product that all of their employees and their clients can take pride in.Black Rock’s organizational structure is designed to cut out the bureaucracy that slows down other construction firms. Our management team is on hand, on the job, and on the line at all times allowing Black Rock to adapt quickly to our clients’ needs.

Our History

Brother and sister Manny and Jacqueline were born and raised in the family construction business. Black Rock represents their passion and devotion for the heavy highway construction business and a desire to establish a company that redefined the standards of client-oriented service. They built Black Rock with the highest standards, a desire to give their clients the perfect end product, and with the goal of servicing the municipalities and clients of New Jersey.Manny and Jacqueline have made Black Rock synonymous with quality and reliability. They, along with their team of talented engineers and project managers, bring extensive experience and professional, high-quality workmanship to every project.

Our Values

Black Rock is committed to providing clients with a perfect end product. Our company is able to accommodate and adapt to the needs and schedule of customers. Black Rock operates exclusively within New Jersey, serving the state’s municipalities and corporations. We take pride in performing work for the community and make safety one of our top priorities because New Jersey is our community.These core values are the motivators that consistently move us in a unified direction as a leader in commercial and industrial construction.

  • SAFETY – Ensuring the protection of our clients, our employees, and the general public is paramount.
  • PEOPLE – Providing opportunities for employees to develop, reach their full potential, and put their skill to work toward helping build a better community.
  • INGENUITY – Being proactive and constantly questioning whether the current methodology is best serving the client. Innovate and adapt.
  • INTEGRITY – Quality, honesty, and hard work are the foundation of Black Rock. Employees operate under these principles at all times, and it radiates through our work.
  • RESULTS – Quality is the standard, and at Black Rock we not only expect it, we demand it. Black Rock is reliable, efficient, and innovative.
  • SUCCESS – Our success is built brick by brick with each quality project we have completed. Our growth and advancement is a direct result of our clients’ satisfaction throughout New Jersey.

Black Rock Enterprises is one of the top heavy highway construction firms operating exclusively in New Jersey. Innovative, bold,and cost effective, Black Rock possesses a breadth of experience. It has the financing and extensive manpower to handle any job from the most basic to the extraordinarily complex.